Frequently asked questions

What is a proxy server?

A proxy is a gateway that enables users to access secure networks, unblock content and hide their true IP address from the outside world.
With SEO-Proxies, you benefit from the experience of 20 years in the proxy business and access dedicated, high-anonymous HTTP and SOCKS proxies on high-speed connections (100 Megabit).
The proxies are not shared and are exclusive to each customer, meaning no one else can access them.

What sort of proxies do you offer?

We provide dedicated proxies that are highly different to botnet or “public” proxies (which are illegal, slow, and unreliable).
Our proxies are fast and stable, and can be set up with no login or password required.
All you need to do is use our web-tool or API call in order to start using your proxy.

What does “exclusive high anonymous HTTP/SOCKS Proxy” exactly mean?

Our proxies are “exclusive”, meaning no one except the customer who owns the Proxy can use it.
They are also “high anonymous”, sometimes referred to as “elite”.
This means your IP address is not sent in the HTTP headers, so the destination web-server won’t be able to detect that you are using a proxy.
Additionally, our proxies offer both HTTP and SOCKS protocols, making them perfect for all kinds of tasks.
What’s more, you can switch between the two protocols on your profile at any time, free of charge and with no delay.

How reliable is SEO-Proxies for production environments?

At SEO-Proxies, we are committed to providing the highest level of reliability for our customers.
We offer our services from 7+ different datacenters, and our main site (which houses our APIs and processes) is hosted on two independent locations.
This means our services are mostly immune to outages caused by normal datacenter or server issues.

Which GEO-locations are available for private proxies?

  • USA, Colorado, Denver
  • USA, California, San Francisco Bay Area
  • USA, Washington, Seattle
  • USA, Texas, Dallas
  • USA, California, Los Angeles
  • USA, New Jersey, Secaucus
  • USA, Georgia, Atlanta
  • USA, New York, New York City (Manhattan)
  • Germany

How can I confirm my proxy IPs are in the right geo location?

To ensure the IPs are in the right geo locations, you can perform a traceroute to the IP, which will usually contain hints about the location.
Alternatively, you can use MaxMind, a leading commercial geolocation provider that offers a free online demo and database, or, a non-commercial geolocation project.
You can also trust the information displayed in our webtool, which accurately lists the geographic locations for all of our IPs.
We guarantee that the IPs are running on servers in the accurate geo locations as advertised.

Choose Quality Over Price for Your Proxies?

Proxies are often used in unethical and illegal activities.
When you purchase proxies from a shady source, you are not only risking receiving IPs that have been abused and misused,
you might even be buying illegally obtained proxies, such as those delivered by a Trojan Horse.
If a price looks too good to be true, it probably is. is different. We do not tolerate any illegal activities, and we prioritize quality over price.
We guarantee that the IPs you receive are not "abused waste" and are dedicated to you only. Additionally, compared to other services, we provide more technical support, which is essential for professional usage.
If you need a reliable and trustworthy proxy solution for your project, is the best choice.

What country are your proxies from ?

United States
We provide proxies from Denver (CO), SF-Bay-Area (CA), Los Angeles (CA), Seattle (WA), Dallas (TX), Atlanta (GA) and NYC/Manhattan (NY).
You can contact us if you require a custom solution.
You can see the country, area and city of the proxies in our webtool.

What is an API and why use our Webtool?

An API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of protocols and tools for building software applications.
Our API is based on the HTTP protocol, making it easy to integrate with other custom tools. For more information, please read our API documentation.

Our Webtool is your control panel, where you can rotate your proxy IP, manage proxies or get new proxies.
All the features available in the webtool can also be automated through API calls or integrated with other scripts.

What sort of free source code do you offer ?

At the moment we offer PHP functions that can be used as base for larger scripts.
As demonstration project you can download a full featured multi-page search engine scraper, checkout our API documentation for details.
The php source code is using the free cURL library, this code can easily be adapted for other programming languages as cURL is widely available.
You will also find a javascript with iMacros code embedded (requires the free iMacros Firefox addon).
There are large scaled opensource projects supporting our API, they are linked at our API page.

What does the "Configure Browser" and "Use Real IP" button do in the webtool ?

These buttons take away any configuration work from you!
Just click on "Configure browser" and your browser is configured to access the internet through the selected proxy!
On the upper left side you can see the small IP information window change and show your external IP.
Click on "Use Real IP" and your browser switched back to normal operation without proxy, the IP window on the upper left updates again.
This feature is available for Google Chrome and Firefox (Mozilla browsers), check out the next question for other browsers.

How to Configure Proxies for Internet Explorer, Opera and Other Applications

If you can't use the automated browser configuration, you can set up the proxy manually. First, start the proxy via the webtool the same way you normally would. But never use a proxy to connect to the webtool!
Then switch to your browser's proxy settings dialog (in the Advanced Network Configuration section). You can configure the settings according to the instructions below:
  1. Clear any existing proxies.
  2. Enter as the HTTP (default protocol) proxy, or in the SOCKS field if you selected SOCKS proxies.
  3. Enter your proxy port (you'll see the port number when you click "Info" in the webtool, or on the API web-page).
  4. Enter into the field for proxy exceptions, adding it with and without "www" and separating them with commas.
Special Note: You don't have to change the proxy settings when you want to rotate to the next IP. The settings can stay the same!

What Can I Do with SEO-Proxies?

SEO-Proxies provides a reliable and secure proxy service for a variety of applications, including video uploads, search engine access, social media activity, classified ads, data entry and much more.
We provide our customers with quality proxies that are far superior than those found on other services.

We absolutely do not allow our proxies to be used for fraud, scams, or spam.
This includes xrumer, scrapebox, and http referrer spam. Additionally, we encourage our customers to use our proxies responsibly and maintain a fair use policy.
This means that any activities that require large amounts of bandwidth should be reported to us so we can adjust accordingly.

Finally, please note that any customer found to be abusing our services, or the services of another site, will be subject to suspension of their license.

Can I use SEO-Proxies to post on Craigslist and similar platforms?

Yes! Our proxies are well-suited for posting on Craigslist. However, you will often need a PVA (phone verified account) in order to post.
When ordering, make sure to mention Craigslist in the "usage" field of your profile so you receive the right subnets.
Please note that Craigslist only allows for one ad per proxy to be posted every 48 hours.

Do I get a "proxy list" after purchasing a license?

No. When you purchase a license, you receive access to our webtool and API.
By default, your license allows you to run one proxy at a time. You can use API calls or the "rotate" button to change the IP of this proxy.
Our webtool can even be used to configure your browser to use the proxy or to use your real IP (only for Chrome/Firefox).
Applications may also use our API or you can manually change the proxy by using the rotate button. You can also use our autorotation feature.

What are the internal and external IPs in your proxies?

By having both an internal and external IP, no matter how often you rotate your proxy, the configured settings remain the same.
By default, you have one proxy active, and you can change the external IP through our API or the 'Rotate' button. If you need multiple proxies at the same time, contact us for a custom license.

Can I test your Service?

We used to provide a free trial, but due to a high rate of abuse, the quality of those IPs suffered which had to be removed from our service.
We decided to stop offering free trials for that reason.
If you'd like to test our IP solution, we recommend ordering a small license for one month.

My project requires to leave an IP dormant for a while after usage, how to do that ?

You can configure a specific amount of hours a proxy has to be "idle" until it can be used again!
This is available through an option in your profile (proxy time restriction).
This setting will enable colors in your webtool so you can always see which IPs have been used within your configured time range.

Since when are you in business, can I trust in your long-term?

We have launched as private dedicated proxy solution during 2008.
We are nearly 4 years in business and will continue to provide reliable and high quality IP solutions to our customers.
You can trust in us to power your IT projects!

I ordered a license with 10 proxies, do I receive 10 new IPs monthly ?

No, by default you do not receive new IPs as a plan, this is important to preserve our high IP quality.
If you only needs an IPs for a short amount of time you will be better off with a service like .
We focus on long term usage as high reliable and high quality IP solution.
However, it is possible to exchange your IPs for a one-time fee. In any case this should be an exception.

What Can You Expect From Us?

When you purchase a proxy from SEO-Proxies, you can be sure that you will receive the best customer service.
We have been in the business for over 20 years and have helped thousands of customers.
We stand by our product and provide a satisfaction guarantee on all of our services.
If you have any issues or problems, we will work with you until your issues have been resolved.

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