The Exclusive VPN documentation

Our Exclusive VPN

	The VPN (virtual private network) is a feature that enables our customers to change their IP address on-the-fly.
	It just takes a click to put your computer behind your licensed IP and just another click to rotate to your next IP address.
	This all can be done through a small windows application (a taskbar icon), through our webtool (pure web based frontend) or the API (for developers).
	Our VPN service can be used to proxify applications that do not have proxy support or just to browse the internet privately
	behind our highest quality IPs.
	Our VPN service is unique, no one offers equal high IP quality and such a powerful API.
	And the best of all: You can still use your IPs as SOCKS or HTTP proxy. Just one click and your VPN changes into a HTTP/SOCKS proxy immediately!


Watch how easy it is to use the VPN

This video covers download, installation and VPN usage.
You can use the pause button on the bottom of the video player to pause the video at a specific moment.


VPN Features

* Very easy usage: just one click to change the IP your computer uses * Installation just takes a minute (customized setup package provided for Windows 7, XP, 2000) - usage on Linux and Mac possible but requires manual installation by the customer * Secure and trustworthy VPN client (OpenVPN) * Secure, encrypted VPN connection. - for your ISP it is impossible to decrypt the VPN connection, please read about 'restrictions' as well * Highspeed service (fair use traffic) * Your whole computer uses the IP for your internate usage, no requirement to configure any proxy settings or similar. * API (programming interface) to control your IP and change it at will (within your private IP addresses) * Our VPN is just part of the service you receive, you can also use our highest quality IPs as SOCKS or HTTP proxy! * Rotate your IP on-the-fly using the webtool, the API-tools (Windows) or directly through the API (for developers)

VPN Restrictions

Our usual terms also apply to VPN usage. No criminal activity is allowed (no spamming, scamming, IP overusage abuse, etc.) Spam applications like 'Scrapebox' or 'Xrumer' are also strictly forbidden and will cause your license to immediately be terminated. Sending emails through the VPN (including web based emails except for personal usage) is not allowed in general. Please keep in mind that is no 'anonymity service', if you plan to break the law (US and EU) we are not the right partner. While the VPN itself is providing highest anonymity and professional encryption your real IP and IP usage is logged on our system. Our terms also cover IP overusage, we provide highest quality IP address which is a rare feature. All customers are asked to treat their allocated IP addresses well. Do not overuse IPs on certain websites or service to avoid black or graylistings. Traffic is 'fair use', if you use more traffic than an average customer of your license type consumes you might receive a warning or require a license upgrade. Please refer to our TOS for more details, violations of our terms can result in a license termination, depending on the case. Using our VPN to break the law is in general not a good idea, we are a professional IP service and no high anonymity solution. This means we do keep logs, including the real IP of our customers. Filesharing of copyright protected software is strictly forbidden.

VPN controlled by the API

The VPN can be completely controlled through our API just like you would control a normal proxy! This means you can change the IP your VPN-enabled computer is using by simply making an API 'rotate' call. Of course the webtool and our traybar application API-tools can also be used to control the VPN (or any other proxy process). Please refer to the API documentation for details. Please note: When using the VPN your personalized installer download includes all credentials and keys for immediate operation. You do not need to configure and ports, just use the 'Connect' button of the VPN client to establish the VPN tunnel.