News regarding our service

Jan, 23 2012: Firefox Proxy API extension released
		Mozilla had dropped support for our website configuration features as of version 14.
We recently implemented a Firefox addon to completely cover the automated proxy configuration features of our webtool.
Jul, 5 2012: Chrome Proxy API extension version 1.5
		Our chrome extension version 1.5 has been released today, all webtool users with chrome will be prompted to update the extension.
The changes are minor, a recent chrome update caused the extension to stop working for a majority of the users.
The new version will solve all known issues.
The chrome extension handles automated proxy configuration of your browser.
Mar, 22 2012: US SEO-Proxies portal opened is now available from two places: and!
Within your user profile it is possible to switch between the portals and select the one with lowest latency.
Aside the increased performance this also increases reliability of our service a lot as no single server or datacenter fault
can disrupt service anymore.
Mar, 20 2012: API-tools updated
		Our API-tools application has been updated to version 1.0.5 !
The new version will regularly test your internet connection and inform you about your external IP.
Please note: this only works for VPN right now, without VPN the IP shown will be the real IP.
Mar, 17 2012: Entry proxy process selection deprecated
		The profile configuration option "Entry proxy process" has been removed. Customers having a non default value
are not forced to change it back to default but it is highly recommended.
The option to select the proxy process location will be replaced by full-featured and independend SEO-Proxies portals
at different locations.
So instead of choosing only the proxy location, the whole website location can be customized (including API host and proxy processes).
The major benefit of this new feature is increased reliability and performance.
The portal selection is planned to be available within the next days.
Feb, 21 2012: Now official:

6 US geo-locations available is growing! We now have servers in 5 additional US datacenters.
This means: more performance, great reliability and customizeable IP locations for our customers!
The following locations are now available:
  • USA, Colorado, Denver
  • USA, California, San Francisco Bay Area
  • USA, Washington, Seattle
  • USA, Texas, Dallas
  • USA, California, Los Angeles
  • USA, New Jersey, Secaucus
  • USA, Georgia, Atlanta
  • USA, New York, New York City (Manhattan)
All locations feature high performance servers and the best IP quality you will find anywhere.
Feb, 20 2012: New

VPN Update

version 1.0.3 available
		A new VPN installer package is ready for download at the user profile page (package version 1.0.3).
The new update corrects a bug which caused the API-tools to disconnect from time to time.
The update is recommended for all VPN users.
Feb, 14 2012: Full

Google Chrome proxy rotation support

in our Webtool
		We are proud to announce full Google Chrome support for automated proxy configuration!
Until recently only Mozilla (Firefox) browsers were able to use the "Config browser" and "Use real IP" buttons for automated proxy configuration.
We developed a Google Chrome extension, just click the "Config browser" button in the webtool and you will be prompted to install the extension.
The installation just takes a few seconds and you are ready to go.
Once installed please reload the webtool (Ctrl+F5), then you will be able to use the full functionality just as in Firefox.
Update : Chrome extension version 1.3 is now available. Just disable/uninstall your extension and click the config button to install the new extension.
Feb, 4 2012:

Google Rank Scraper

		A highly advanced and free PHP Google Rank Checker supporting our API has been released recently.
As the project is open source it is worth a new entry.
December, 17 2011:

VPN hotfix installed

					We just installed a hotfix, new customers (account created in the past weeks) often had an issue launching the VPN.
Those users with issues should please download the setup files again, now the VPN feature should work without issues.
December, 4 2011:

VPN available and a new look!

					The look of our frontpage changed, we hope that the new content is easier to overview.
The VPN is now official available, it is marked as "beta" but already working very stable and fast.
November, 13 2011:

VPN and API-tools soon to come


Exclusive VPN

As promised a while ago we are soon ready to provide VPN as additional protocol!
Our VPN will be very easy to use, enabling customers to put their computer/server behind a VPN.
The biggest benefits:
  • Secure encryption
  • Easy installation and usage
  • Full integration into our API, use the VPN just like a proxy and control your IP on-the-fly
  • No fixed expiration, suitable even for gaming purposes
  • By using our VPN you can also avoid leaking IP issues (Flash,Java troubles)
As soon as the documentation is finished you will be able to use our VPN free of additional charges!
In simple words: It is a free feature and will be available just like SOCKS and HTTP.

API tools

The free application "API tools" will soon be available for customers using a Windows (2k,XP,7) operating system.
The API tools are a small task-bar application (icon in tray area) that allows you to control your license
without logging into the website or writing custom API scripts.
Developed to make the VPN usage comfortable (rotate IP by click) it can also be very useful to control and configure your license on-the-fly.
March, 5 2011:

Features and changes in development

We are currently integrating new features!
During this time it is possible that our proxy webtool is temporarly unavailable.
If this happens to you please just reload the page after a few seconds and it should be back.
What will be changed ?
Customizeable proxy expiration
Right now all started proxies include an auto-shut-down function (6 hours).
Many customers asked us to remove this function, it causes unwanted disconnections in online gaming, streaming etc.
We listen to our customers and currently integrate a customizeable expiration time so customers will be able
to keep their proxies online without the 6 hours expiration!
Update: The new option is now available in your profile.

Backend server routing
We are also working on our servers, we completely rework the network routing.
We do not expect any outages. Seo-proxies offers SOCKS and HTTP(s) proxies, the proxy type can be changed on-the-fly in the user profile.
Once our routing changes are finished we plan to integrate a VPN feature ! We will keep you informed!
March, 5 2011:

Introducing "News"

Better late then never: now keeps you informed through the new "News" section!
Important new features, planned features and other informations regarding our high quality proxy services
will be listed here.
If you have questions please contact us